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Not all Scratches can be polished out. Some scratches might be to deep to polish out, but will come out lighter, less obvious.

The colour of your vehicle also plays a role on the different types of Paint defects. Your darker colour vehicles will show scratches and swirl marks much easier than your lighter colour vehicles like white and silver.

Darker colour vehicles always need more TLC and, in most cases, will need more than a 2-stage polish. 3 Stage Polish is always recommended for darker vehicles.

It is always good to spend a little more and add some kind of Paint Protection to your vehicles paint work.

Types of Scratches & Paint damage.

Environmental factors like acid rain, Industrial fall out, sea salt / spray, water marks.

Swirl marks / Fine surface scratches.
Normally from washing the vehicle a lot or washing with dirty wash cloths.

Light scuffs and scratches

Bird droppings.
Bird droppings is very harmful to your paint if not removed immediately. The longer it stays on the vehicle the more damage it can cause.

Holograms / Buffer trails
Normally from poor paint preparation or not correct polishing methods.